Across many sectors, SEO professionals are required to focus on top level and 'vanity' keywords that are both enormously competitive and potentially less profitable.

The fact is, small individual ranking movements are not nearly important if you are making sustainable progress to increase the search positions of profitable clusters of keywords.

The Blueclaw Keyword Opportunity Analysis tool will identify these clusters for you, and support the case for a  data-driven, effective and revenue-generating SEO strategy.

The tool is built in Excel and combines pivot tables and SEMrush data to resource your intelligent SEO plan.

Just follow the instructions on the spreadsheet, paste your data and hit refresh!

Sam Raife

Off-Site Strategy Manager, Blueclaw

The Blueclaw Keyword Opportunity Analysis Tool

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This tool equips you to:

• Identify profitable clusters of keywords, based on search volumes

• Prioritise content to capitalsie on long-tail terms that will deliver quality traffic

• Build the case for a more strategic approach to SEO and influence wider marketing strategy

• Apply SEO insight across any website, and any industry.